Additional Quotas

Requesting and Offering Addional Quotas

Following the decision of the Board to acquire additional quota for the use of members, the Organisation has been successful in purchasing a number of quota entitlements. In addition, the Organisation has entered into a number of agreements to lease fish for the benefit of members.

Prior to the introduction of Fixed Quota Allocations, the Board of the Organisation agreed that members could acquire additional quotas for their own use. A number of members have now taken advantage of this provision and have acquired additional fish for their own use. It has become apparent over the past year or so, that not all of the ring fenced fish is required by those who initially acquired it. This means that some members may have access to ring fenced fish they do not actually require in the short term.

This means that the Organisation or a number of its members may have fish that can be made available to other members during the course of the year. As the Organisation's active consent is required before any exchange of quota units can take place, it makes a great deal of sense to keep any such transactions within the Organisation. Any member who has ring fenced quota that can be made available to other members or who is actively seeking additional quota is requested to contact the Organisation.