SFO History

The Scottish Fishermen's Organisation was recognised as a producers' organisation in 1973, following the United Kingdom's accession to the then European Economic Community.

According to European legislation, producers' organisation should undertake 2 main functions:

  • the marketing of their members' catches
  • the management of fisheries subject to quota arrangements

FishApart from its direct marketing activities, the Organisation implements the EU price support scheme for fish. An essential part of this scheme is the grading of fish according to size and quality criteria.

The Organisation now manages the fishing activities of its members in all fisheries making it one of the largest fisheries managers in Europe.

The members of the Organisation catch all types of fish including pelagic species (herring, mackerel, sprats), demersal species (cod, haddock, saithe, whiting, plaice, megrims, monkfish, sole, skate, turbot and other bottom feeding fish) and shellfish (crabs, lobsters, nephrops, scallops and shrimps).

In 2003, the Organisation's members landed 157,956 tonnes of all kinds of fish.