Fish Processing

The largest part of the Organisation's members' landings are sold by public auction at the various ports around the coast.  The major exceptions to this are pelagic species and nephrops where fishermen commonly establish contractual agreements with specific buyers and processors.

FishIn addition to discharging its wider marketing obligations, the Organisation has, since the mid 1980s, been involved in the marketing and processing of certain species as a commercial entity.  These activities are carried on by the Organisation's wholly owned subsidiary company, Braehead (SFO Enterprises) Limited.

At the present time this company operates a processing factory in the Motherwell Food Park where nephrops landed at West Coast ports are processed and marketed in a fresh or frozen form.

The largest processing units are located in Fraserburgh where the company operates facilities designed to handle shellfish products landed by member vessels.


The main shellfish product is nephrops processed in both whole and tailed form. All products are graded and frozen by a nitrogen freezing system and marketed predominantly in mainland Europe to the wholesale and retail sectors. Other shellfish species such as scallops can also be offered both fresh or frozen either in the shell or in meat form.