Fish Products

The SFO's members are active in all of the major Scottish fisheries.  In volume terms, the pelagic fisheries are the most important, with the members landing some 72,000 tonnes of mackerel and 30,000 tonnes of herring per annum.

nephrops Demersal species provide the mainstay for the bulk of the Scottish fleet with landings of cod, haddock, saithe and whiting being the most important.  There are also significant landings of monkfish and hake and all the above species are subject to the Organisation's own management regime.  In addition, landings of other species including dabs, dogfish, eel, skates, soles and megrims complement the main species  giving the broadest possible choice to the processing sector.

Shellfish are also of great importance to the Organisation's members with nephrops being by far the most important species landed, but there are also landing of scallops.

With the control of the Organisation's activities being vested in a Board all of whom are themselves active fishermen and boat owners, the Organisation is well placed to respond to changing circumstances as they affect the various fisheries.  Such an arrangement provides the Organisation with a wealth of experience and knowledge and means it is uniquely well equipped to deal with the challenges of the future.